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Waterloo Regional Police Service Record Check Application Form

Please enter the information carefully. Incomplete or incorrect information will result in delays.

Pursuant to the Police Record Checks Reform Act, non-governmental agencies are not authorized to receive results from youth records. For this reason, the Waterloo Regional Police Service will not provide Police Record Checks to applicants under the age of 18, unless the applicant is applying for an employment or volunteer position with a government agency.

Acceptable Identification

You will be required to produce two pieces of identification before the record check will be issued to you. One of these must clearly identify that your primary residence is in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. Students attending a local college or university and residing within the Region while studying are considered residents. Please Check the list of acceptable ID.


We are currently processing Record Checks submitted Friday June 17, 2022

Type of Request

Before you continue, please confirm that you are requesting an appropriate check for the agency and position that you are applying to. Your employer or volunteer agency can confirm this. Please select this link for more infomation about record checks

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